Chelsea's Henry the lovable nature  (HD A) Mult. ch. Sunpoint Huckleberry blue Finn  (HD A) Ch. Spirit of Caledonia Jonathan (HD A)
Ch. Xquisite Xenia of Pribardom (HD B)
Wind-borne evolution chelsea fawn (HD A) Ch. A ray of sunshine gentleman (HD A)
Wind-borne Anjuli (HD B)
Ode to Faye Diva of the Benjy Bunch  (HD A) Groovy Sprocked of the Benjy Bunch  (HD A) Ciao Luca of the Benjy Bunch 
Autumn  Flower of the Benjy Bunch NVK (HD A)
Idol Dewi of the Benjy Bunch  Undoubtedly Blue of Debora’s Farm (HD A)
Faye Princess of the Beardie Bunch  NVK (HD B)